So You Want To Move To New York?

As I mentioned on the previous post, I lived in New York for more than 8 years.  I was originally a Jersian girl, i.e, I finished up my high school and completed my undergraduate degree in New Jersey.   I graduated with degrees in Psychology, Information Technology and Informatics, add or subtract some minors.  I’ve always loved learning new things.

Before I graduated, I knew that I might be heading out to New York for several reasons, namely:  a) my uncle (who was my legal guardian) was going through a divorce and as such staying in his home was definitely not an option. b) The chapel that I attended at that time was based in New York.  c) I was younger , (wink, since I am still considered a young adult), and moving to New York was a better career alternative than staying in New Jersey.  d) I had listened to chapel advice and gotten myself connected to a young Igbo man who resided in New York, so it was wiser to be where he was.  A decision, I still regret because I already knew at a very young age where I was supposed to be.   Now, for these  and other reasons, I moved myself from New Jersey to Brooklyn, New York.

Now, how does this tie to the person who wants to move to New York.  Well, your reasons might be similar.  You might be moving because a) you want a fresh start b) you are just getting out of a particularly messy situation c) You want to start life afresh with someone new (might be marriage or it might be living together) d)  You want more of a career alternative e) You want to start something new f) New York is a land of adventure.

New York is definitely a land of adventure.  You can find anything in New York and you meet all sorts of people from all over the world with their perspectives on life.   If you are into the dating scene, you can definitely find the one or many ones’ in New York.  Now, in terms of career choices:  you generally have two alternatives which are to wait for what you really want or to put your hands into anything to make money and take care of yourself.  But, you will definitely get many opportunities to invent and reinvent yourself.

New York gave me the opportunity to get into the media in terms of broadcasting and gave me access to different people from all works of life.  I, thought I will definitely end up in the world of technology but rather I found myself  at the service delivery/development/coordinating/ staffing  part of the health care sector.  You have the opportunity to pursue anything you want educationally.  I completed a masters degree in New York and attended NYU as well in my quest  for more learning.   You have the opportunity to visit museums, theatres, beaches, concerts (free and not so free) and you can do anything you want to.  In terms of the food : any kind of food you want can be found in New York.   Most importantly, you do not need a car to survive here and this is the reason that many New Yorkers do not have a licence but rather they have a state id. In terms of dating:  you have so many opportunities to explore all parts of the world because the world is literally in New York.
When  the connection was broken with the young Igbo man and I resumed dating, New York helped me confirm that my preference does not lie in the country of my birth.

So should you move to New York?  Yes.  I believe each individual definitely has to go through the New York adventure at least once in their lifetime.  New York was a place in which I had my heart broken and mended several times.  It was the place in which I made friends and lost friends.  It was the place in which I rediscovered myself.  It was the place in which I learnt contentment but to keep looking ahead.   It was the place I discovered abilities that I would not have been able to explore fully in New Jersey.  It was the place in which I learnt what independence really means and a lesson that I will never forget. Oh yeah, lest I forget, be mentally prepared for the amount of rent that you might pay out monthly for an itty bitty space.  On that note:  I  encourage anyone who wants to move to New York to do so but don’t stay there too long or your soul might be eaten up and spat out.


Small Town EX New Yorker (Representing Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island and Upstate New York).


2 thoughts on “So You Want To Move To New York?

  1. still wondering on your blog title………and i have told you why………now i get to know a lil bit more about u……muhahahahaha


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