Yes, It Is On!!! First Thoughts!! Random Thoughts!

So, Yes, I am in Texas and I am loving it. I permanently changed residence about two weeks ago even though,I’ve had an apartment in Texas for a while now.

My mum describes the state of Texas as dry but compared to Florida, I say give me dry Texas that allows and accepts people’s independence to move around. Unlike Florida where you are forced to depend on people to do anything or go anywhere, here, you just pick up , and go meet people and solve problems.

I love Texas.

So, why am I in Texas? As I mentioned earlier, I was accepted into a graduate program in the state and I am excited about the opportunity to first, pursue a passion; secondly, pick up skill sets to become a voice in a particular field; finally, have the tools necessary to impact lives either in this country or Europe or somewhere in Africa (not Nigeria). For someone like myself, education and learning is my thing and as such, I do tend to get frustrated with people who seem to want to place me in a box of who I am supposed to be and how I am supposed to react.

Things that have irked me about Texas:

a) people stating that my youth is the reason that I am impatient: I, often want to respond that the word really should be enthusiastic.  Put me on the path and send me along. I am definitely not youthful even though I still fall within that age range. People that have gone through half of the life experiences that I have gone through, cannot be described with that word – youth.

b) People who make assumptions about you: I’ve been told that I am standoffish. I wanted to ask, okay, where did you get this from? If I remember clearly, when I met you, I had a cold, my eyes were red, my nose was red and I had a mucus filled cough. Moreover, I do not get this American thing of putting your whole business out in the street at first meeting. Honestly, I am from the old school. I stick to the point of my meeting you and as time progresses, I, start opening up to you. But, opening up to you is at my discretion. There are people that I have worked with for more than 3 years that really do not know anything about my private life because I believe in the separation of the private from the public.

c) Assumptions about one’s  academic background:I often want to say, sweetie, we can put this all to rest by actually just asking me or giving me an impromptu test.

d) Assumptions about the legality of my stay:I’ve had to correct this several times. Yes, I speak with an accent but then from what I see, many within my program do…so get over it!

e) no water: Okay, I am a water baby. I calm down when I am around water. Water gives me a sense of peace, sense of calm, a sense of belonging. So far, the only natural water source that I’ve seen seems to be a dirty, brownish river that people were kayaking or canoeing on. I hope to see something different this Saturday.

So, far that’s it …

But, there are many things I love about Texas namely:

a) The weather : It does not snow here but there is quite a bit of dust around.

b) The ease of transportation:  You can actually get around without getting on the high way, you also have high speed trains and other means of transportation. Everything is so connected.

c) The people:  Everyone is so friendly and they genuinely want to help you.  

d)The people:  everyone is so polite.

e)Getting things done: there is this common misconception that people are as slow as molasses in the South. But, I’ve not found that to be true yet. But, I’ve seen people use their phones at inappropriate times. Today, a lady kept me standing on the line while she had a conversation on the work phone and then on her cell phone. LOOOl

f)The houses: The houses are made of bricks and in many cases, red stone bricks. I love it. My late grandma’s bungalow in the village used to be made of red bricks and so, being in my apartment, is actually very nostalgic. I also believe that the redstone bricks help in regulating temperature.  

Will I recommend Texas?

I really don’t know. It all depends on what you are looking for. I do believe you can find everything you want here in the lone star state but then you can do the same in other states as well.. …it all comes down to you, what are you in the market for? 




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