The Move

As I mentioned, I recently moved physically to Texas to pursue my Masters. About two years ago, I realized that it was time to pursue a field that I had an interest in but at that time, I had to complete certain things in New York before I could leave. But, once it was time, it was time. After I resigned from a company that I had worked with for several years, I spent time with my family in a different state, enjoyed getting to know my baby nephew better and also learnt that you have to keep active babies like him entertained at all times. I also spent that time, working on a different project while getting certain items together for my eventual move to Texas.

If you are on the same journey, for whatever reason and you find yourself in a new state/new country etc. These are the steps that you should take:

• Project A : work on getting a job – you don’t want to keep on dipping into your money, you want some money going in. Have your negotiable and non negotiable, that will determine, what you are willing to do, who you are willing to work with and where you are willing to work? Also, live like a minimalist. I’ve always lived like one and so it is very easy for me to live that way but for many others – this might prove a little difficult. But, you can do it. Key to minimalist living: Don’t get too attached to things. Keep the end in mind. E.g: Don’t purchase a car because everyone has one and you have to keep up but get one because you a) you live in an area that does not have a convenient way to commute b)you live in an area with extreme weather changes c)Well, you really, really love that car. Make big purchases with reasons in mind.

• Project B: Get involved in the meat of your study by looking for problems that need a team to solve. Volunteer if possible. Getting paid is best. Learn a new skill. Currently, everything I am involved with is tied to what I am studying. My team project is one that deals with an area of public health while working with a team of clinical professionals and that is voluntarily. I am currently in a CHW training course which is giving me a deeper understanding of what takes place on the floor/lowest level of community health practice which is the area of study for my graduate program (at least for now 😉 :P)). I am also working with someone else on a different project that involves tying my psychology background + public health and human resources. Basically, I am busy but they are all in my field. In a couple of months, I hope all these will give me a clearer idea of what direction I want to move in Public Health. I am directly involved in my field of study which was what I didn’t have direct access to when I lived in New York.

• Get involved with your community: You can join your local religious community. I currently attend an Episcopal church and I love it. We are all individuals coming from different walks of life seeking to know God more. No judgment – just love, and all are welcome. Volunteer in your community or in other communities that need that niche skill set that you have. There are people who believe that they are skill less for whatever reason but we all have something that can be of use in other communities or even our community.

• Stick to the purpose of your movement. If you moved to go to school – make sure you remain in school. If you moved to have a change in your life – make sure that you take steps that walk in ways of the change you want. If you moved for a career change – then plan and make those moves that go with your career change.

• Be prepared for the emotions: There are times that you will feel over whelmed. Know that is okay. You are in a new place, and on a new adventure and those feelings are normal. Also, have a go to person to speak with. My go to person is a male friend of mine IN an African country.

But in all steps you choose to make, make sure you remain aware and in control of the decision making process of your life. Don’t just go with the flow. You traveled too far to give the reins of your life to anyone.


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