Fungai Chiposi: Addressing Sanitation in Zimbabwe.

What about the highlights, what has been the most memorable event you have done?

  1. 1.We were the first local NGO to clean-up whole CBDs of Harare, Bulawayo and Gweru using volunteers who are not bussed nor coerced. The people came simply because they desired to see a transformation of their cities.
  2. 2.We put bins in Harare CBD in a structured format that demonstrated that a well thought out plan can be implemented to resolve the issues of litter in Harare and in the process we brought 24 corporates together under that program
  3. 3.In a first ever such event in Zimbabwe and possibly Africa, I walked 1000km across Zimbabwe in an effort to bring more attention to litter.


How will you describe your walk to raise awareness on litter in Zimbabwe?

It was the most difficult thing I have ever done. It was not easy and I had so many small obstacles that I had to overcome throughout the walk.


What made you walk?

The GREEN history of Zimbabwe is dominated by what non- indigenous people have done for this country. Mostly it is about how Charlene Hewat cycled from Europe for rhinos. We did not have indigenous people that have sacrificed to preserve our environment. I believe I changed that with the walk


Did you feel that the timing was right?

Maybe not but the correct time would have never arrived. I would have procrastinated ad infinitum waiting for the economic environment to be right.


By Eve Parkes For Zimpowerfm


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