When I moved to Texas, my intention was to explore different parts of this very large land mass but unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.  I have not visited El Paseo nor San Antonio, but, I am quite curious about El Paseo.

However, I’ve visited other ‘main’ places in Texas.  Of all the places that I visited in Texas, my favorite was Corpus Christi.   There’s just something about beach towns that get to me.  I just fell in love with everything.  Everyone was so friendly, I got to hang around the beach, visit some historical places etc.  To be quite honest,  if I receive an offer to move to  the Corpus Christi area, I will be gone before anyone says, ‘Jiminy Cricket’.  I am such a water child.

Have you ever visited Corpus Christi?  What did you think of the area?  What fun things can one do at El Paseo?


I have been accepted into a Public Health program in Texas . So who am I and what will this blog be about?

My name is Onyinye.  My friends call me Onyi or one of the numerous monikers that they’ve given me.  I am Igbo ‘American’ and was based in New York.  I lived in New York for more than 8 years.  New York is a state which I associate with multiple memories: some pleasant but others not as much.

New York is a state with multiple opportunities if you are open to them.  It is a place where you can create and recreate yourself several times over but New York is also a hard place.  I  lived in most boroughs of New York including upstate New York, so I am quite familiar with the drumbeat of that state.

I knew it was time to leave about two to three years ago but I had no clue where I would be going.  I just wanted a slower pace.  My intention at that time was to relocate to the Midwest.

So Why Texas You wonder?

There  was a resurgence of interest in Public Health which lead to my taking classes and keeping on top of Public Health issues. I was looking for a field that will bring together everything I had studied.    I will like to thank Dr. A.A for mentioning this field as a possible fit many years ago.  Because that actually stayed at the back of my mind as I took classes. Thank You!

So, Why Texas again You Wonder?

My intention was to apply to 5 schools.  I applied to the first two that I really was interested in and then my reasoning was that if I did not get accepted then I will apply to the rest.  I got a response from one of the schools, that my paper work had been received but that it was too early to start reviewing applications.  I waited for the school in Texas and when I received the positive response…I danced!!!

Yes. I will be heading to Texas.

Beyond going through an airport in Dallas while heading to New Mexico, I’ve never been to Texas.   I am super excited but I am also kinda scared.

This blog will be focused on my Texan adventure.  I will be living in Houston.  But,  my intention is to visit Austin (maybe live there someday), San Antonio, El Paso and other parts of Texas.

I hope you remain with me on my adventure as I bring you my perspective on life in Texas, my life in Texas and of course, with a little bit of Public Health included.

Will I be returning to New York?


New York was fun but…… the world waits!  🙂